23+ Mobile Gaming Statistics Every Gamer Must Know in 2022 (2023)

Nowadays most people walk around with their mobile phones almost glued to their hands. It seems we really are addicted to our devices. We spend most of our time chatting with friends, scrolling through social media, surfing the Web and playing games, all in the name of keeping our brains entertained. Our eyes are always focused on the small screens and there’s that constant clicking sound that can be heard everywhere.

Here’s an interesting question for you:

What type of apps do you think are most popular?

You’re probably thinking about social media apps or photo editing ones. Or even dating apps, like Tinder, Badoo, etc.

Well, guess what.

You are wrong. At least according to mobile gaming statistics.

Games rule the app world.

Fascinating, right? In a century, widely dominated by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where influencers are thought to be the new voice of brands and everyone and their aunt is taking selfies, games are still the number one favorite type of apps for mobile device users.

Now let’s talk numbers.

Fascinating Mobile Gaming Statistics

  • 21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps downloaded are games.
  • Games account for 43% of all smartphone use.
  • 62% of people install a game on their phone within a week of owning it.
  • 78% of gamers are Android users.
  • By the end of 2022, the number of global active mobile gamers will surpass 3 billion.
  • 57.9% of the games played are puzzle games.
  • More women spend money on in-game content than men.
  • The mobile games' revenue hit $175.8 billion by the end of 2021.

So let’s break this down, shall we?

Starting with the most recent mobile gaming stats for 2022.

Mind-Blowing Mobile Gaming Statistics for 2022

We spend an awful lot of time on our phones.

But what do we do?

Play games, mostly.

Game apps are top-rated among mobile phone users. The COVID-19 lockdown only adds fuel to the fire - a significant number of people resort to mobile gaming to ease boredom.

Wanna know more?

(Video) Impossible🎯

Here are some of the most outstanding mobile gaming statistics.

1. The mobile games' revenue hit $175.8 billion worldwide by the end of 2021.

(Source: Hot Play Games)

The mobile gaming industry report boasted a 2021 revenue of a whopping $175.8 billion! This monumental growth has led to expectations of surpassing the $200 billion mark in 2022 and even reaching $218.7 billion by 2024.

At the end of 2019, mobile games revenue grew to $68.5 billion. However, mobile gaming stats for 2020 show that this figure is estimated to experience a 12% increase by the end of 2020.

2. Subway Surfers was the most downloaded game for May 2022.

(Source: Sensor Tower)

With 30 million installs, the Sybo Games creation easily earns the title “most downloaded game.” This figure represented an 86.5% increase from May 2021.

What more do the latest gaming industry statistics report?

Garena Free Fire takes second place with 26 million downloads (a 50.3% increase from last year).

What’s interesting, though, is that if we consider only Google Play downloads, we will notice that the places are switched—Android users favor GFF over SS, which is left second.

Moreover, if we were to examine only App Store downloads, we’d see that Subway Surfers holds the first place tightly, while Garena Free Fire doesn’t even make it into the top 10.

3. The mobile gaming content market will be worth $173.4 billion by 2026.

(Source: Statista)

What about the mobile gaming content market? Well, recent mobile game profit statistics estimate that by 2026, it will be worth over $170 billion!

Currently, it’s put at $131.2 billion. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the majority of its revenue originates from Asia, right?

4. Asia is the biggest gaming marketplace in the world.

(Source: Statista)

According to mobile gaming statistics for 2022, Asia makes up almost half of the mobile gaming market with approximately $34.114 billion revenue from over 905 million users. China alone generates $21.02 billion which is about 61% of the Asian revenue.

5. PUBG mobile is the top mobile game worldwide in terms of revenue.

(Source: Gadgets Now)

Tencent’s PUBG is the top-grossing mobile game for the beginning of 2022.

Mobile gaming industry analysis put its earnings at about $237 million. What’s fascinating is that 64% of these came from China. The US recorded 8% of the PUBG player spending, while Turkey was responsible for 7% of its revenue.

6. More women spend money in-game than men worldwide.

(Source: Mopub)

(Video) Get Lucky 3D Gameplay - iOS Games (I AM COMPLETELY NAKED)

Mobile gaming gender statistics show that 4.5% of women who play mobile games pay for the in-app game content, compared to 3.3% of men who do.

7. Every 2 out of 3 users in the 55–64 age group play mobile games.

(Source: Hot Play)

Mobile gaming demographics are typically a source of fascinating info. The latest data suggests that every 2 out of 3 internet users between 55 and 64 years old play mobile games. The gaming rates might not be as high as with the younger generation, but you still didn’t expect that, did you?

Keep reading for more:

The current mobile gaming gender split is 51% for females and 49% for males. What’s more, statistics indicate that 43% of women play more than five times a week. The same’s true for only 38% of men.

We told you we’d leave you mind-blown. Hungry for more? Let’s see what the situation is in the US:

US Mobile Gaming Statistics

Although Asian countries are known to top the gaming industry, the United States is not so far behind. According to US mobile game market statistics, the United States is home to over 203 million gamers.

Get ready, we have more US mobile game market statistics prepared for you.

8. 6% of all Android game publishers are from the United States.

(Source: 42 Matters)

The total number of worldwide Android gaming publishers is set at 164,700. However, US mobile game market statistics show that there are more than 10,144 American Android game publishers.

9. 33% of American mobile games are available for both Android and iOS.

(Source: 42 Matters)

American game publishers put in extra effort to ensure the availability of their games for both Android and iOS. Only a meager 18% of publishers worldwide can boast of such a feat.

10. Imangi Studios is the biggest mobile game publisher in the US.

(Source: 42 Matters)

The American company which is best known for its gaming app, “Temple Run” owns 4 mobile games that have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times worldwide.

The mobile gaming industry seems to be on top of the game. To prove that, we have some interesting facts prepared for you:

General Mobile Gaming Statistics

Here are random tidbits that you need to know about mobile gaming.

11. 74c of every dollar spent in the app store was spent on mobile games.

(Source: App Annie)

It’s only logical. Mobile games are easily accessible, provide quick entrainment and rarely ask for any special skills. You can play while waiting for your coffee or in the queue of your local supermarket. Or when using the bathroom. Hey, we’ve all been there! No judgment.

It helps there is such a huge variety of gaming apps. Most of them are easy and don’t require special skills or knowledge, which makes them perfect for basically anyone.


12. The number of mobile gamers worldwide is estimated to pass 3 billion by the end of 2022.

(Source: eMarketer)

The growth rate of the mobile gaming market is a force to be reckoned with. With the high adoption rate of VR games and the buzz that came with the launch of the metaverse, experts have projected that by the end of 2022, the number of gamers worldwide will well exceed 3 billion!

13. By 2025, Google Play games are expected to hit 66 billion downloads.

(Source: Web Tribunal)

Time for some impressive mobile game profit statistics!

These indicate an immense CAGR for Google Play game downloads. Predictions put them at 66 billion by 2025. Moreover, they forecast over 121 billion for non-game app downloads.

14. In 2021 alone, Candy Crush generated over $550 million in revenue in the US.

(Source: Statista)

The Candy Crush 2021 revenue was $556.44 million in the US alone!

Even more impressive is that the parent company King Digital Entertainment has amassed $682 million in revenue for Q1 2022 alone!

15. 49% of mobile gamers are men.

(Source: Hot Play)

Women also play more often and are more willing to pay for games. That makes them more valuable than male players. What was considered a male kingdom turned out to be dominated by females.

16. In fact, 60% of females play daily. And 36% of those who play spend money on mobile games.

(Source: Highsnobiety)

Yeah, you heard that right. The mobile gaming demographics show that this gaming universe is mainly inhabited by women.

But that’s not all, folks.

17. 55% of mobile gamers are around 55 years old, while 21% are between 25 and 34 years old.

(Source: Imarc)

That’s hardly the end of the surprises we have prepared for you.

18. Only 8% of mobile gamers are teenagers.

(Source: Technology and Adolescent Mental Health)

And society here blames teenagers for always being on their phones and never reading books. Hypocritical much?

Here comes the catch though:

19. According to mobile gaming statistics, 85% of gamers do not identify as such. Surprising, considering 30% of all play games daily.

(Source: Applovin)


People around the age of 55 don’t really consider themselves gamers, although they still spend a lot of time playing. We are going to blame the stereotype for their unwillingness to show their true colors. Actually, the percentage of older people who have never played a mobile game is under 20%. That comes to show that living in such a fast-paced environment has made us all constantly entertainment-hungry.

Now let’s take a look at mobile game revenue by genre. We figured out a lot of people play, but what exactly do they enjoy?

Here’s your answer:

Puzzle games.

More than half of smartphone users prefer puzzle games. The honorary second place goes to arcade games. Action and racing games are also quite popular, along with strategy and adventure ones. Simulation and word games finish at the bottom of most mobile gaming statistics.

20. The total global revenue for Puzzle Games is poised to surpass $21 billion by the end of 2022.

(Source: Statista)

As you now know, Candy Crush is currently the top-grossing game in the segment. Thus, experts predict that by the end of 2022, puzzle games' total revenue will reach $21.42 billion.

Additionally, its yearly growth rate is estimated at 7.49% between 2022 and 2026. That means that by 2026, it’s set to hit the $30 billion mark.

21. 21% of the Android and 25% of iOS apps downloaded are games. But 78% of the players worldwide belong to the android game markets.

(Source: GO-Globe)

They are seen as eight times more valuable than iOS players.

22. 59% percent of Android users prefer casual games.

(Source: WePC)

The latest trends in gaming suggest this percentage is set to increase in the upcoming years.

23. Voodoo was the most popular gaming app publisher for iPhone for February 2022.

(Source: Statista)

With nearly 15.57 million downloads, Voodoo takes the lead as the top gaming app publisher for Q1 2022. Supersonic Studios Ltd ranks second with about 12.27 million app downloads on iPhone.

24. Puzzle games are expected to surpass 11 billion downloads by the end of 2022.

(Source: Statista)

Puzzle games are a massive hit. Every day, more and more gamers yield towards this segment, leading to a continuous increase in the number of downloads. Mobile gaming statistics prove this beyond doubt—the number of downloads is expected to be near 12 billion!

Each of these downloads generates average revenue of $1, with the US responsible for most of it.

To Sum It Up

The modern mobile device user mostly uses their phone to play games. The casual and hyper-casual games rule the gaming world, with AR technologies coming to claim the throne. Interestingly, most players are middle-aged and not teenagers and most of them are women.

Hope you found these mobile gaming statistics as fascinating as I did! Until next time!



What percentage of people play video games 2022? ›

According to video gaming statistics, roughly 76% of Americans under 18 and 67% of adults play games. Even 7% of people older than 65 play video games. The average age of a video game player in the US is 31 years.

How many mobile games are there 2022? ›

As of the third quarter of 2022, approximately 490 thousand mobile gaming apps were available in the Google Play Store, representing a 2.57 percent increase compared to the previous quarter.

What is the most played mobile game 2022? ›

Most downloaded mobile games so far in 2022
  • Subway Surfers ~82 million downloads.
  • Garena Free Fire ~75 million downloads.
  • Stumble Guys ~46 million downloads.
  • Bridge Race ~45 million downloads.
  • Ludo King ~44 million downloads.
  • Roblox ~41 million downloads.
  • Tall Man Run ~39 million downloads.
  • Race Master 3D ~37 million downloads.
30 Jul 2022

What percentage of gaming is mobile gaming? ›

What percentage of gaming is mobile? In 2022, mobile gaming accounted for 45% of total video gaming revenue worldwide.

What age are most gamers? ›

In 2021, it was reported that the age distribution of U.S. gamers were 20% under the 18 years old, 38% were in between 18 to 34 years old, 14% were in between 35 to 44 years old, 12% were in between 45 to 54 years old, 9% were in between 55 to 64 years old, and 7% were 65 years old or over.

How many gamer girls are there? ›

Video gamers in the United States 2021, by gender

In 2021, 41.5 percent of video gamer in the United States were female, with the remaining 58.5 percent of U.S. video gaming audiences were male.

Which is No 1 mobile game in world? ›


There is a lot to love about this game with plenty of battle royale maps and upcoming updates in 2022.

What is the hottest game in 2022? ›

Best upcoming games: 11 essential games to play in 2022-2023
  • 1) Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Play. Platforms: Switch. ...
  • 2) Gotham Knights. Play. Platforms: Xbox, PS5, PC. ...
  • 3) Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Play. Platforms: Switch. ...
  • 4) God of War Ragnarok. Play. Platforms: PS5, PS4. ...
  • 7) A Plague Tale: Requiem. Play.

What mobile games do girls play? ›

17 Best Games for Girls -Android version
  • Fruit Chop.
  • Knife Hit.
  • Candy Clash.
  • Fruit Dart.
  • Wordzie.
  • Runner Number 1.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Fashion Story.
25 Apr 2022

What is No 1 online game? ›

Most Popular Online Games of 2022: Try these Top 7 Played Video Games in the World
  • PUBG. There is a huge fan following of PUBG in the world. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Apex Legends. ...
  • Fortnite. ...
  • Call of Duty Mobile. ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
  • League of Legends (LOL)
31 May 2022

Which is the highest GB game in play store? ›

10 Biggest Games in the Google Play Store
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 2.44 GB / Php 326.99. ...
  • Star Wars: KOTOR. 2.44 GB / Php 445.75. ...
  • Gangstar Vegas. 2.23 GB / Free (In-app purchases) ...
  • The Dark Knight Rises. 2.03 GB / Php 316.16. ...
  • Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. ...
  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. ...
  • WWE Immortals. ...
  • Order & Chaos Online.
9 Oct 2015

Which is better PUBG or free fire? ›

The difference is not that big, but we have to point out PUBG Mobile as the winner in this department. In terms of throwables, PUBG Mobile takes another W because it features four types of throwables, unlike Free Fire which sports just one (grenade).

How much gaming per day is OK? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours per day of screen-based entertainment. Parents should create a “media plan” that dictates what hours a child can enjoy video games without affecting behavior and homework, Radesky says.

Is mobile gamer a gamer? ›

Mobile gaming is the most popular form of gaming in the world, overtaking both console and PC gaming. One of the reasons for mobile gaming's popularity is accessibility—nearly everyone has a smartphone, which is capable of playing games.

What age is OK for video games? ›

The group recommends even lower limits of under 1 hour of total screentime per day for children under 6 years old, and they encourage parents to determine the appropriate amount of time for video games and other electronic media use for children over the age of 6.

Do 50 year olds play video games? ›

An AARP survey of 3,737 people ages 50 and older identified 1,664 respondents as gamers -- meaning they owned a gaming device (phone, computer, tablet, console) and played a game on it at least once per month.

How old do gamers retire? ›

That is right most gamers are done by their mid-20s. In Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch League, the average age gamers hang up their keyboards is just 23! In the NFL, the average player is 27, and this is expected to rise as players have access to improved health treatments and anti-aging regimens.

Do girls like video games? ›

Girls who play video games were once uncommon, but that gender gap is closing quickly. In fact, the gaming industry overall reports that 46% of players worldwide are female (Fnatic, 2022).

Do gamer girls make money? ›

While gaming has historically been seen as a boys' club, women are profiting from the space like never before. Female gamers who stream live plays can earn anywhere from minimum wage to six figures.

What is the biggest online game? ›

PUBG is the most popular online game in 2022, with a huge fan following. PUBG has swept the internet and now has more than 100 million players. PUBG is inspired by armor and H1Z1. The game can accommodate up to 99 players at the same time.

What are the 5 most popular game apps? ›

App App NameStore Rank App's store ranking in the chosen store; country, category and leader board updated daily.
2Coloring Master ASRM3
3Star Trek™ Fleet Command4
4Piano Star: Tap Music Tiles5
46 more rows

What game is trending right now? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titleChange
1.Overwatch 1 & 216
2.The Sims 43
16 more rows

Who is the best game in the world? ›

Top 10 Online Games in The World
GameOnline PlayerLaunch Year
Fortnite Battle Royale39 Million2017
Apex Legends50 Million (1 Month)2019
League of Legends (LOL)27 Million2009
Counter-Strike; Global Offensive32 Million2014
6 more rows

What is the best game in the world right now? ›

Minecraft. Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto V. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

What games do girls prefer? ›

Among the most preferred genres, female gamers most often mention RPGs, adventure games and action adventure games. Also, women like platform and puzzle games more than men. Women prefer immersive gaming dynamics more than men, related to travel and experiences, and less strictly martial.

What game has most girl gamers? ›

During a 2019 survey, 39 percent of female gamers stated that they played Pokémon Go, while a further 34 percent played the battle royale game Fortnite.
Share of female gamers who play selected video games in the United States in 2019.
CharacteristicShare of respondents
4 more rows
4 Nov 2021

What is the 10 popular games? ›

The 10 Most Popular Games Right Now
  • Minecraft.
  • Fortnite.
  • Fall Guys.
  • League of Legends.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • CrossFire.
  • Roblox.
  • Lost Ark.
9 Aug 2022

Who is the most popular offline game? ›

Alto's Odyssey

Some of you may remember Alto's Adventure as one of the best free offline games. Alto's Odyssey is also an endless runner like its predecessor but instead of snowboarding down a mountain, you'll be sandboarding through the desert.

Who is the best offline game in the world? ›

Here are our top picks for the best offline games for Android in every major genre.
  1. Action/Shooter: Into the Dead 2. PikPokGames. ...
  2. Runner: Alto's Odyssey. Alto's Adventure. ...
  3. Chess: Really Bad Chess. ...
  4. Puzzle: Mazes & More. ...
  5. Platform: Once Upon a Tower. ...
  6. Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast. ...
  7. Brainy: Quizoid. ...
  8. Action: Tank Hero: Laser Wars.
2 Oct 2022

Which is the heaviest Android game? ›

Apex Legends has made it to mobiles. It is a wild, action-packed battle royal shooter game, and now you can play it anywhere you want on your phone.

Which is the largest app? ›

During the second quarter of 2022, Android users were able to choose between 3.5 million apps, making Google Play the app store with the biggest number of available apps.

What game has the biggest MB? ›

1/19 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – 250 GB
  • PC.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Destiny 2.
  • Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Final Fantasy 15.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.
  • Borderlands 3.
5 Jul 2022

Does Free Fire copy PUBG? ›

Free Fire and Free Fire Max extensively copy numerous aspects of Battlegrounds, both individually and in combination, including Battlegrounds' copyrighted unique game-opening 'airdrop' feature, the game structure and play, the combination and selection of weapons, armour, and unique objects, locations, and the overall ...

How can I lower my ping on Free Fire? ›

Restart your device.
  1. Restart your device. It might sound simple, but sometimes that's all it takes to fix a bad connection.
  2. If restarting doesn't work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data: Open your Settings app. "Wireless & networks" or "Connections". Depending on your device, these options may be different.
6 Dec 2021

Which gun is best in Free Fire? ›

AWM is the best bolt action sniper rifle in Free Fire MAX. The weapon can defeat an enemy player with level 3 armour and a helmet. It offers an undeniable advantage to gamers in long-range battles. The weapon can be equipped with a suppressor, further improving its stealth.

Is 1 hour of gaming OK? ›

You might be interested to know that Oxford University believes that 1 hour of gaming every day is better than no gaming at all when we discuss personal well-being and mental health. Between hour 1 and 3, the experience doesn't necessarily improve mental health, but it's still engaging.

Can a 3 year old play video games? ›

But generally, for kids between two to five years, the recommendation is just one hour of "high quality" media (including video games) a day with side-by-side supervision. "Over the age of six, it's very open," she says.

How long should a 11 year old play video games? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting video games to one hour per day. And while it can be tempting to dramatically cut back your child's access to games, or want to remove them from your home altogether, it might be more helpful to start off slowly.

What is the largest mobile game ever? ›

10 of the biggest mobile games of the past decade
  • Clash of Clans.
  • Monster Strike.
  • Arena of Valor.
  • Puzzles & Dragons.
  • Pokémon Go.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile.
  • Candy Crush Saga.
  • Fate/Grand Order.
25 Oct 2022

How many ml is a player? ›

At its core, the game pits 2 teams of 5 against each other in real time with at least 10-second matchmaking and 10-minute matches. Featuring traditional battle arena gameplay, players must fight over three lanes to take the enemy's tower and defend their own.

Who is called a gamer? ›

: a person who plays games. especially : a person who regularly plays computer or video games.

Is gaming still popular 2022? ›

The video game sector is booming – and it's tipped to keep on growing. The expansion is expected to make the global gaming industry worth $321 billion by 2026, according to PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26. Global gaming industry revenues are expected to exceed $320 billion by 2026.

How many gamers are there in the US 2022? ›

In 2022, there were approximately 188.9 million gamers in the United States, the majority of which were digital gamers. Among all digital gaming segments in the United States, mobile games had the largest audience with about 150 million users. Almost half of the gamers in the United States are female.

What percentage of the population plays video games? ›

According to a survey conducted in December 2021, 65 percent of adults in the United States played video games on at least one platform. In comparison, 35 percent of U.S. adults did not play video games at all.
CharacteristicPlay games on at least one platformDo not play games on any platform
Jul 202065%35%
2 more rows
13 May 2022

What percentage of population play games? ›

The statistics on gamers reveal that in three out of four families in the country, you'll find a person who plays video games, be it on their smartphone, console, or PC.

What is the future of gamer? ›

As technology advances, we will see games become a completely immersive experience. Imagine fully encompassing make-believe worlds that you control with your mind and body. Advances in technology and the rapid growth of the esports gaming community will help shape the future of gaming.

What percentage of gamers are female? ›

U.S. video gaming audiences 2006-2022, by gender

In 2022, women accounted for 48 percent of gamers in the United States, up from 45 percent of U.S. gamers identifying as women during the previous year.

What is the average age of a gamer? ›

Millenials and Gen X gamers

The average age of a gamer is 33 years old. The average US gamer has been playing for 14 years.

Are video games losing popularity? ›

Despite the decline in number of people playing video games, the industry continues to see growth in the number of hours spent gaming. There was a dramatic increase in time spent playing games from 2019 to 2020, with average hours played per week jumping from 12.7 to 14.8, respectively.

What percentage of 12 year olds play video games? ›

Almost all teens play games.

Fully 97% of teens ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games.

Which country has the most gamers? ›

The Philippines had the highest video gaming usage reach, ranking first with a gaming penetration of 96.4 percent. Thailand was ranked second with 94.7 percent of responding internet users stating that they played video games.
CharacteristicShare of respondents
9 more rows
9 Mar 2022

Why do men love video games? ›

All of the excitement and action is momentary, so young men become addicted to playing and socializing virtually, to meet that need. So you can see that video games are becoming more accessible, more interactive, more challenging than ever before, and that is why they have become so enticing.

What percentage of gamers are black? ›

The video game industry in the United States generates more than 428,000 jobs nationwide, according to a leading trade association. But only 2 percent of professionals in the gaming industry are Black, a recent report found. Neil Jones is one of those gaming professionals. For many Black developers, Mr.

Is it OK to play video games? ›

It's true that some studies have shown certain video games can improve hand–eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and the mind's ability to process information. But too much video game playing may cause problems. It's hard to get enough active play and exercise if you're always inside playing video games.

How many people play mobile games? ›

In 2021, the mobile games market size was $89.6 billion. 43% of all the time spent on smartphones goes to gaming. 70% of all mobile gamers are female. More than 2.5 billion people are mobile game players.


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