Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (2023)

If you have a single-forest topology and use password hash sync for authentication, express settings is a good option to use when you install Azure AD Connect. Express settings is the default option to install Azure AD Connect, and it's used for the most commonly deployed scenario. It's only a few short steps to extend your on-premises directory to the cloud.

Before you start installing Azure AD Connect, download Azure AD Connect, and be sure to complete the prerequisite steps in Azure AD Connect: Hardware and prerequisites.

If the express settings installation doesn't match your topology, see Related articles for information about other scenarios.

Express installation of Azure AD Connect

  1. Sign in as Local Administrator on the server you want to install Azure AD Connect on.

    The server you sign in on will be the sync server.

  2. Go to AzureADConnect.msi and double-click to open the installation file.

  3. In Welcome, select the checkbox to agree to the licensing terms, and then select Continue.

    (Video) How To Install and Configure Azure AD Connect

  4. In Express settings, select Use express settings.

    Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (1)

  5. In Connect to Azure AD, enter the username and password of the Hybrid Identity Administrator account, and then select Next.

    Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (2)

    If an error message appears or if you have problems with connectivity, see Troubleshoot connectivity problems.

  6. In Connect to AD DS, enter the username and password for an Enterprise Admin account. You can enter the domain part in either NetBIOS or FQDN format, like FABRIKAM\administrator or\administrator. Select Next.

    Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (3)

  7. The Azure AD sign-in configuration page appears only if you didn't complete the step to verify your domains in the prerequisites.

    Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (4)

    (Video) Microsoft Entra / Azure AD 2 0 Explained with Full Demo

    If you see this page, review each domain that's marked Not Added or Not Verified. Make sure that those domains have been verified in Azure AD. When you've verified your domains, select the Refresh icon.

  8. In Ready to configure, select Install.

    • Optionally in Ready to configure, you can clear the Start the synchronization process as soon as configuration completes checkbox. You should clear this checkbox if you want to do more configuration, such as to add filtering. If you clear this option, the wizard configures sync but leaves the scheduler disabled. The scheduler doesn't run until you enable it manually by rerunning the installation wizard.

    • If you leave the Start the synchronization process when configuration completes checkbox selected, a full sync of all users, groups, and contacts to Azure AD begins immediately.

    • If you have Exchange in your instance of Windows Server Active Directory, you also have the option to enable Exchange Hybrid deployment. Enable this option if you plan to have Exchange mailboxes both in the cloud and on-premises at the same time.

      Azure AD Connect: Get started by using express settings - Microsoft Entra (5)

  9. When the installation is finished, select Exit.

  10. Before you use Synchronization Service Manager or Synchronization Rule Editor, sign out, and then sign in again.

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