This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (2023)

The Yellowstone universe is constantly evolving. And with the ever-expanding cast of characters, it can be hard to keep up with how each one is related. Taylor Sheridan's creation has expanded to include the Dutton family origin story with 1883 and 1923, and with new installments (1883: The Bass Reeves Story and 6666) on the horizon, we don't expect the world to be simplified any time soon.

Some of the show's stars have admitted that even they are confused by the characters' relationships (and we suspect Taylor Sheridan is being intentionally cryptic about some of the connections), but fear not: We're here to clear up some of the confusion with the Dutton family tree. Save this link as we will be updating the information as more details are known and as new characters join the cast. [SPOILERS AHEAD: If you're not caught up on all three shows, proceed with caution.]

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (1)

James Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (2)

Country superstar Tim McGraw stars as the patriarch from 1883, a Civil War soldier who leads his family West. He's married to Margaret, and they have three children: Elsa, Spencer, and John Dutton Sr. The character is also seen during flashback scenes in season 4 of Yellowstone. James has two siblings: Claire, who shares the screen in 1883, and Jacob, who makes his appearance in 1923.

Margaret Dutton

James's wife Margaret is portrayed by his real-live love, Faith Hill. She's a strong woman and mother of three (Elsa, Spencer, and John) who joins James in their perilous journey west, eventually settling in Montana.

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Jacob Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (3)

James's brother, Jacob (Harrison Ford), is the leader of the Dutton family in 1923. He and his wife Cara do not have children of their own, but they helped raise their nephews.

Cara Dutton

Played by Helen Mirren, Cara is another strong, independent woman in the Dutton family tree. When her husband, Jacob, is injured, she takes over running and protecting the ranch and calls upon her nephew Spencer to come home to help.

Claire Dutton

Claire (Dawn Olivieri) and her daughter Mary Abel join James and his family on their journey, but their story meets a tragic and brutal end.

Mary Abel Dutton

Mary Abel (Emma Malouff) is Claire's last surviving child, until she too meets her demise in 1883. Her mother, so distraught by the loss of her child, ends her own life.

Elsa Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (4)

Elsa (Isabel May), daughter of James and Margaret, serves as the narrator in both 1883 and 1923. A fearless and free-spirited young woman, she meets and falls in love with Sam, but their love is cut short by tragedy.

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Sam (Martin Sensmeier) is a Comanche warrior who encounters the Dutton family along their journey in 1883. He and Elsa fall in love and marry in an unofficial ceremony.

John Dutton Sr.

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (5)

John is the only character to cross over between 1883 and 1923. He is portrayed as a child by Audie Rick in 1883 and then as an adult by James Badge Dale in 1923. In 1923, he is married to Emma and they have a son, Jack. It's unclear if John and Emma are also the parents of John Jr. James Badge Dale admitted to TV Insider that he's not sure how his character is related to John Jr. and therefore John III (Kevin Costner): "I have no idea. If someone figures it out, they can let me know." John Sr. is killed during an ambush in the third episode of 1923.

Emma Dutton

John Sr.'s wife Emma (Marley Shelton) has one son that we know of: Jack. Her relationship to John Jr. and John III has not yet been revealed.

Spencer Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (6)

Spencer is sibling to Elsa and John Sr. He is a former soldier-turned-big game hunter who is called home from Africa to help his family defend their land. While in Africa, Spencer meets and falls in love with Alex (Julia Schlaepfer), and they return to Montana together to help his family. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brandon Sklenar, the actor who portrays Spencer, said he's unsure how Spencer is related to Kevin Costner's John Dutton III: "It’s something that Taylor [Sheridan] is keeping very close to the vest. I have my own theories, but it’s to be told, to be written, to be seen. He’s always moving all that stuff around."

Jack Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (7)

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Jack's parents are John Sr. and Emma, and he works on the ranch with his family. He is engaged to Elizabeth. Jack is a common nickname for John, so some fans speculate that he is actually John Jr., but that has not been revealed.

Elizabeth Strafford

Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) appears in 1923 as the fiancé to Jack. The two were set to be married before she was injured in the ambush by the sheep farmers that also killed her father.

John Dutton Jr.

This is where things get a little confusing. The character has appeared as an older man in Yellowstone, and he is presumed to be the son of John Sr. and father of John III. He has not yet made an appearance in 1923, so his exact spot in the family tree is unclear.

John Dutton III

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (8)

Kevin Costner's John Dutton is the most famous of the family patriarchs who now serves as governor of Montana. His wife, Evelyn, passed away before the Yellowstone story began, and together they had Kayce, Beth, and Lee (who also died). John raised Jamie as his own but he is not his biological father. John has one biological grandchild, Tate.

Evelyn Dutton

Only seen in flashbacks, Evelyn (Gretchen Mol) is John's wife and mother of Kayce, Beth, and Lee and adopted mother to Jamie.

Peter Dutton

John Dutton III's brother died as an infant.

Lee Dutton

The oldest Dutton sibling (Dave Annabel) died in season 1 during a dispute over cattle. He served as a livestock agent and was set to take over the ranch for his father, John Dutton III.

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Beth Dutton

Beth (Kelly Reilly) is the only daughter of the Dutton family, and she helps run the family's business operations. The self-described "tornado" has a takes-no-prisoners approach to dealing with anyone who threatens her family, including her adopted brother Jamie. Beth married longtime love Rip Wheeler in an unconventional ceremony in season 4.

Rip Wheeler

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (9)

Fan-favorite Rip (Cole Hauser) is the manager of the Dutton ranch and has been an unofficial member of the family since his teenage years. He made that connection official when he married Beth.

Kayce Dutton

The youngest Dutton sibling (played by Luke Grimes) is torn between obligations to his father, John III, and his wife, Monica, and their son, Tate. After living off the ranch, he's now poised to return to run the ranch while Rip is away with the herd of cattle.

Monica Dutton

This Dutton Family Tree Shows How Seven Generations of 'Yellowstone' Characters Are Related (10)

Monica (Kelsey Asbille) has faced more than her share of tragedy, but she remains devoted to her husband, Kayce, and understands his connection to his family. She was raised on the Broken Rock Reservation and suffered a devastating accident in season 5 that resulted in the loss of her baby.

Tate Dutton

Tate (Brecken Merrill) has grown up during the 5 seasons of Yellowstone, and he is the future of the Yellowstone ranch. As the only grandchild of John Dutton III, he is the heir apparent to the family land.

Jamie Dutton

Adopted son of John and Evelyn, Jamie (Wes Bentley) was raised as one of their own. Now a lawyer, he's grown up to become an adversary to his father and betrayed him by calling for his impeachment. He has an unnamed baby after a relationship with Christina.

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After a brief relationship, Jamie and Christina (Katherine Cunningham), who worked on his political campaign, had a baby together, but they are no longer romantically involved.

Baby Dutton

Jamie and Christina's baby has been shown on Yellowstone and Jamie said he named him after himself.


Who are the 7 generations of Duttons? ›

  • James Dutton. The patriarch of 1883, James (Tim McGraw) was a farmer from Tennessee. ...
  • Margaret Dutton. The confident and uncompromising wife of James, Margaret (Faith Hill) was the Dutton family matriarch in 1883. ...
  • Elsa Dutton. ...
  • Sam. ...
  • John Dutton Sr. ...
  • Emma Dutton. ...
  • Jack Dutton. ...
  • Spencer Dutton.
Jan 3, 2023

How are the characters in 1883 related to the characters in Yellowstone? ›

Played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 1883, James and Margaret are the original patriarch and matriarch of Yellowstone's Dutton family. A Tennessee farmer, James fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War before making his way out West with his family. Margaret, likewise, was an army nurse.

How many generations of Duttons are there on Yellowstone? ›

How Are the Duttons in '1923' Related? Four decades later, viewers get to follow three generations of the ranching family. After his brother James' death, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), along with his wife Cara (Helen Mirren), become the new heads of the ranching family.

How are the Duttons in 1883 related to Yellowstone? ›

James Dutton

James (Tim McGraw) was the original cowboy on the Dutton Ranch in 1883—the first Yellowstone prequel. His leadership is essentially what started the Dutton story we know today.

Is Tate the 7th generation of duttons? ›

Is Tate the seventh generation? Tim McGraw Confirms He Plays The Great-Great-Grandfather Of John Dutton, AKA Tate Is The 7th Generation | Whiskey Riff.

How many years is 7 generations? ›

Native American tribes hold dear the concept of seven generations planning, that the impact of decisions should be considered out seven generations into the future, about 150 years. The idea is that our decisions today should consider the potential benefits or harm that would be felt by seven future generations.


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